Advanced Threat Endpoint Protection

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The technologies TIC soon will be a crucial part to make the cities improve and to achieve efficiency in development.

Information, well used, allows to the ingeniers of the society to apply new technologies with efficiency and efficacy to develop and improve our cities. Every technology, improve a lot if it is able to be conected to internet, record data, and to apply inteligent adaptations to the situations that affects it over time.

We haven´t develop a technology that will be able directly to improve the city, but our technology will help to ensure that the technologies applied in the cities are working as is spected for the engenieer that integrate it.

Saddly, nowadays all the TIC technologies applied to improve the technologies that will achieve the sustainable development of the cities, are exposed to cyber threats. And this cyber threats evolve in time. To be more specific, modern malware is one of the most dangerous threat for the TIC technologies. They are designed to evade the obsolete protection. They are programmed to hide if they detect that they would be detected by some cybersecurity technology. This threat is applied with new intelligence of adaptation.

What we are creating is a technology able to create fake enviroment into the TIC software technologies that deceives the malware making it understand that they are in a very protected enviroment so they try to hide. At this way we stop the threats.

We understand that the technology itself can help to improve the sustainable TIC appliances in the cities of the future.



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