Affordable charging stations for 2M e-Rickshaws of India

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Poor range and high upfront cost have long been the two biggest bottlenecks to electric veheicle (EV) uptake in worldwide. And this has curtailed the growth of EV volume on road and hence lower investment on charging/ swapping infrastructure. But light electric and commercial modes such e-rickshaw, auto rickshaw and two wheeler has grown a lot comparing other modes such car. The number is highest in the world; 1.5 lakh e-rickshaw alone in Delhi and total around 20 lakh e-rickshaw in India. These e-rickshaw are mainly operated by lead acid battery which takes around 7-10 hours to charge fully and cost around 90-150 rupee (2-3$) for one full charge to driver. This battery comes with warranty of 6 months and require replacement after every 6-8 month and cost around 30,000 rupee (450$-600$) to driver.

Drivers rely on unorganized pocket size charging infra and technologically challenged power source. Due to poor current battery, high cost of Li-on battery, unorganized and lack of public charging stations, they face huge challenge in business because of cost, huge wait time for charging and hence earning.

Mobilytics Energy is a technology driven EV charging and swapping infrastructure provider company, which supply its Partners to set up, and manage stations on their location site while ensures accessibility and availability of docks for EV users. Through our technological stake, such, Battery Management System (BMS) and IoT enabled infrastructure, we are standardizing charging stations for 2 million e-rickshaws of India in a B2B2C model.

The land leaser/ owners submit an online form through our website/ app. Mobilytics evaluate their site, confirm business preposition and design a site plan. Further, construction begins and charging points with supporting infrastructure is provided. Upon verifying the installation, Mobilytics list this station to our consumer app/ website portal. 

Since Car OEMs and consumers have range anxiety and other issues such lack of charging infrastructure. Through this distribution network, Mobilytics Energy is targeting to create 1000 charging stations by 2019 Q3. These charging stations will not only assist the existing electric vehicles but will also enable growth of other modes by providing adequate infrastructure. 



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