Agraloop Bio-Refinery

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The Agraloop transforms agricultural “waste” into valuable fiber/textile/fashion products. The Agraloop simultaneously incentivizes farmers and communities to alleviate current health risks and climate liability generated by poor management of food-crop residues: i.e. Residue burning (CO2 and Carbon Monoxide production), and rotting (methane generation).

Agraloop bio-fibre is ready to be scaled for broad commercial application, and is being demanded by mass market brands and retailers such as H&M, Inditex Group (ZARA), Adidas and Nike. Agraloop has been warmly welcomed on the global stage at events such as the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, featured in Fast Company & Time Magazine and has taken part in the Plug & Play Fashion for Good, and Levi’s Collaboratory accelerator programs. The Agraloop is also the 2018 first place winner of the prestigious Global Change Award. Once Agraloop is scaled it has the potential to engage all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Many industry veterans are calling for a paradigm shift in how we view waste and how we design systems, with a global movement centering around the quote ‘waste is a design flaw’. Agraloop provides massively scalable solutions, that remedy this “design flaw”. 

Over the course of the coming 24-months the global roll out of The Agraloop™ must be accelerated to achieve scale and maximum global impact. Time is running out & Agraloop provides a massive & immediate impact solution. 



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