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Agriculture is one of the major business that can sustain a nation, any nation that has food in abundance and can be able to export food items to other countries will be able to generate enough fund for implementation of the nation's budget, which includes; free and sound education in basic levels, provision of infrastructural facilities such as pipe borne water, good roads, electricity, good health Care facilities, building of industries which will eventually curb unemployment and will in turn reduce hunger,starvation, poverty and also reduce death rate caused by hunger, starvation and suicide.

My idea 

 Going into large production of coconut which can be used in making coconut flour, milk, oil, drinks etc.

Coconut is very nutritious, and has been neglected in my country, research has shown that coconut flour is carbohydrate free which will be beneficial to human health especially for diabetic patients. Daily consumption of coconut radiates the skin and also aids digestion

Uses of coconut

  • Coconut flour for baking and swallows
  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut drink
  • Coconut chips
  • Cooking foods like rice
  • Spices.
  • Etc.

(2) I'm also thinking of large production of carbage which can also be used in producing organic foods like :

  • Cabbage flour for baking and for swallows
  • Cabbage drinks

(3) large production of CHEBE seeds, fenugreek, Aloe Vega plant, ginseng, kankar seeds, castol etc.

I decided to go into these productions because African women recently has begun to love their natural hair(without relaxer) and I am currently a distributor in CHEBE POWDER and kankar oil.


Chebe powder is an ancient hair product used by chandian women in growing their hair, it aids in fast growth of the hair, corrects hair loss and bald hair, increases the volume of the hair, prevents dandruff and breakage and also adds sheen to the hair. It is best used with either coconut oil or kankar oil for maximum result.

Recently in Nigeria and other Africa countries, there is a high demand for this product and because we do not cultivate CHEBE seeds here in Nigeria, it is expensive .

How will my idea curb poverty?

From every product listed above including coconut, aloe vera, cabbage, chebe, fenugreek, kankar oil etc; I have discovered that these products have plenty health benefit especially ginseng, aloevera, coconut etc, if we can culuvate them in very large production , there will be employments for those in the rural area, this is because we will need hectares of land to cultivate each of this product and we will also need manpower that is people who are already farmers and those who are willing to become farmers, this will in turn provide employment for both men and women in villages.

Secondly, industries will be built where production will be carried out, such as production of the organic flour, organic cabbage, CHEBE powder, coconut oil, coconut drinks, hair foods etc.

I know the whole process will take time, cultivation , harvesting, production, packaging etc but I believe with time there will be zero hunger, and profits made from this will be used in developing the community , the industries will at the long run provide good health care facilities, accessible roads, constant electricity , pipe borne water etc.



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