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AKYAS is providing a sanitation kit that will ensure 100% germs-free hands. This provides an additional safeguard against disease as hand hygiene can be achieved immediately post-defecation, without the need for clean water and soap. AKYAS sanitation kit is user friendly, and can have a big impact in fighting outbreaks of disease that are transmitted from feces.

Environmental safe

We prevent cross-contamination from feces, eliminate pathogens using naturally-occurring elements,  and convert human feces into soil enrichment material for fertilization. The materials used are also bio-degradable.

Mental and physical safe:

Akyas provides safe sanitation for the user. Studies have increasingly documented how sanitation may influence health beyond disease, particularly for women and girls. Worldwide, about 1 in 3 women have experienced gender-based violence (GBV), and studies indicate that inadequate sanitation may put women and girls at greater risk of experiencing violence. Akyas will provide an approach for safe sanitation for vulnerable people by enabling people to have sanitation services in a location of their choice.



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