Artificial wood could reduce deforestation

About Solution

Evergreen is a recycling company that recycles waste products such as boxes and plastics into artificial wood and furniture. We then is sell the furnitures made from the artificial wood to different people in the community. This process of transformation of waste ensures correct disposal which additionally aiding to create job opportunities. One of the main reasons for Evergreen’s existence is because Waste in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has doubled from 2000 tons, in 1998, to 4600 tons, in 2017, and is estimated to triple up to 12,000 tons in 2025. Furthermore, Tanzania loses over 400,000 hectares of forests per year.

Why EverGreen?

Evergreen plays a significant role in reducing waste and environmental pollution in Tanzania, where there is a large amount of unattended waste. Moreover, people often resort to burning the waste which is a health hazard. In the process of burning the waste carbon monoxide is produced and it contributes to ozone layer depletion leading to global warming.  Furthermore, Evergreen’s operation creates job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour.

Evergreen has created jobs and income for over 65 people within five months of operation and limited resources which is a stepping stone in reducing unemployment rates in the country. We have recycled 10.2 tons of waste in Dar es Salaam and sold 75 furniture. In two years we expect to employ over 1000 people and reduce waste to over 300 tons.

Our vision

A waste free community and where skilled and unskilled people have equal access to job opportunities.



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