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BLUETOWN is an Internet and digital content service provider with a vision of making modern connectivity solutions accessible and affordable for everyone. We have developed a solar-powered connectivity solution designed for connecting rural and remote areas. Moreover, we engage in innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships with governments, NGOs and other private companies to bridge non-access barriers to internet adoption and enable sustainable business models. Our model has been tested in rural communities in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania and across 4 Indian states connecting more than 1 million people.


BLUETOWN REACH is an affordable all-in-one solution that provides reliable internet coverage in almost any location globally. The core of the solution is a base station that establishes a Wi-Fi hotspot large enough to cover a village. The solution is designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions, runs 24/7 on solar power, battery backup and satellite internet backhaul, which means the solution is ideal for remote areas without any existing infrastructure. BLUETOWN REACH comes with an IKEA standard manual for full deployment which can be done without the use of power tools. As the system costs less than 1/10 of traditional telecommunications equipment, internet access can be made affordable for Bottom of the Pyramid segments anywhere in the world.


Despite the availability of affordable internet connectivity, affording frequent consumption of data-heavy content can still be a challenge for low-income users. This is problematic because the most impactful digital content and services often comes as video and/or interactive content and consequently data heavy. To address this divide, BLUETOWN has developed the LOCAL CLOUD.

curated digital content and services at no data cost to the end-users. The system works by letting digital content providers upload content to a central server, from where the content is distributed to local servers in the target locations. End-users access the local servers by accessing the Wi-Fi internet hotspots in their communities and consume the content they wish – data free.

, enabling, among other things,

removes barriers to reach rural populations in a quick and easy way, l



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