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Hi Namaste, I am Subbanna Suryakumar, from Bengaluru city India. Inventor of a new circulating hydropower system. Also Founder Director of S V S Circulating Hydro Power Private Limited its is a Startup company.

I am working in energy sector from past 23 years, as Electrical contractor for power Generation and maintenance. Pollution during the electricity production and frequent load shedding made me to think of alternative electric power source.

20 years of research using many ideas and many failures, I found new inventive method in Hydro Power system. Which is totally sustainable, energy transition and disruptive invention. For this new invention patent has been applied, it is under process & pending.

In my new technology hydro Power plant tailrace water is being transferred back to top using Air pressure, with inventive machine, technology and process using very low energy compared to generation of the same system ( For one megawatt power generation less than 20 kilowatt energy is required to send one cubic meter of water to top every second ).  Again from top  water is made to flow down in a controlled penstock pipe to generate electricity using hydro turbines. The same action repeated in a closed loop circulating system. Thereby generate Electricity continues.  There is no input of raw material in the processes of power generation, like fuel, sunlight, water and wind except in the beginning that is pre-commissioning and during the maintenance. With this it works 24/7, with steady quality output, and it works  world wide in all the places with necessary infrastructure for height or head. Because of gravitational force available everywhere on the earth almost equally.

The new invention of water circulating is as per the fundamental Laws of Conservation of Energy In this new system we are converting gravitational force into finally electrical energy.

Present problems:  Consistent Quality electrical power source from renewable energy Solution to the problem.: Hydroelectric power,  But it has got some disadvantages too. Those are its depends on nature for rain and water. To feed the water continues, it requires dams and reservoirs to store the water. Requires huge investment. Total period to implement from idea to till plant commissioning, requires many years to decades.  Fish and other natural living creatures under threat. due to presence of silt in water and its abrasive effect, Turbine blades gets eroded very quickly. Hydro power plants are located in far places from city and consumer places.

My solution : I solved the major problem of sustainable energy using Hydro power. All the disadvantages of hydro power, as above said has been solved.

The major advantages of My New hydroelectric are: No input of Raw material in the production of electricity. No bi product in the production of Electricity, hence cheapest electric power source compares to all technology available in the world today.  Whole system is 100% Green power, Hydro power plant can be start and stop immediately. Due to replacing of coal power plant with this new technology, world air and water Pollution will come down drastically. Due to very close proximity of power generation, huge Savings in transmission line, energy line loss. & its maintenance. Hydro power is time tested, highly dependable, One time investment, life long power generation. Using this electricity we can able to collect & supply rain water before reaching sea, to far places, so water problem will come to an end forever. Now world all desert will be converted to evergreen forest forever. Increase in more oxygen, reducing Green house gas and prosperity to all living creatures in the earth.

I am ready to explain my idea and display working prototype model one to one. (Normally funding and investors expect invention to be under controlled and confidential) I promise and ready to work with full co-operation along with all the world people with necessary infrastructure and necessary agreement. 

Thanks to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, All the persons who is directly or indirectly working towards well being of humans.

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