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The Community Conservation Social Enterprise Development (CoCoSED) Initiative is an innovation which seeks to provide sustainable financing to local sustainable development activities while supporting long term economic and financial resilience to communities adjacent to protected areas, biodiversity hot-spots and fragile landscapes with the over all goal of ending hunger and fostering rural development.

Through the implementation of the CoCoSED Initiative, several institutions will emerge. These institutions are; Households Institution, Cooperative and Cooperative enterprises, Silver Back Company Limited, Biodiversity Community Trust (BCT), Endowment Fund and the Forest Protection Fund. These institutions will be completely managed by the local community with little supervision from the implementing agency. With this strategy the cost of implementing the innovation will be lower as compared to other organizations who take full control of implementation without involving the local population.

Furthermore , this innovation is more effective at solving these problems because it takes into consideration critical challenge affecting people in the area( severe poverty, women marginalization, hunger due to food insecurity and insufficient skills in the management of Natural Resources) and ground breaking ideas that can transform lives.

Thus through the implementation of this innovation these problems will rigorously be solved and impacts created as seen below;

1. At the level of households Institution; incomes will increase from less than 1 USD/day to 5 USD/day in the next five years, standard of living will increase through households infrastructural development(building of a house, changing the fittings in a house and etc) and increase in literacy rate (number of children attaining school per households will increase from 3 to 10 in the next five years)

2. At the cooperatives and cooperative enterprises levels, cooperatives and cooperatives enterprises will be created. This will enhance job opportunities to youths and improve living standards of households thus combating hunger and fostering rural development. Through the dividends on shares, households’ income will increase from 1 USD to 5USD/day. Also over 10,000 women and girls will be empowered through cooperative enterprises.

3. Through the local microfinance institution existing in the area of intervention)cooperative and community members will have access to financial resources ( over 5000 vulnerable population and over 100 groups will have accessibility to microcredit with a very minimal interest), Over 100 youths will be employed, local economic growth will increase through the number of enterprises supported through BCT and increase funds for biodiversity conservation through the annual reserve of 30% directed to the management of natural resources.

4. A the Silver Back Company level, there will be market accessibility to cooperative products that is local, national and international market (these products include; palm oil and its bi products, honey and bi products, cocoa, cassava and bi products and etc), over 50 youths will be employed and increase funds to biodiversity Conservation through 60% allocated to natural resource management.

5. At the Forest Protection Fund levels; over 5000 local community members will be trained and their capacities built on biodiversity conservation, community development will be achieved through support to schools infrastructure, pipe born water and management and over 50 youths will be employed.



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