Decentralised high-value botanical ingredients extraction hardware

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We identified a problem of completely out of dated supply chains in natural ingredients markets. These include such markets as flavours, fragrances, functional chemicals and used by such industries like perfume, skincare, healthcare, food and drink. The problem is that current ways to extract those ingredients are not sustainable and pose hazard to the environment. Our solution is to make clean-tech process of extracting these ingredients widely adapted. Our product is an off-grid industrial hardware that is based on the clean tech and delivered via a novel business model to widen its adaptation.

Our solution delivers at least 30% reduction of carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing process. In addition, due to novel business model, we cut emissions related to transportation of raw material almost completely. Our solution also offers decentralised manufacturing for geographies that do not have access to high-tech. This way we make sure that local plant growers get better margins.

Our product is a result of more than 10 years of R&D and is completely proprietary (patents are being drafted). There is no product on the market with added values that we offer.

We are equipment designers and manufacturers. We have in-house fabrication workshop. We run two business models. Firstly, we sell our equipment and already have first clients. However, ultimately, we will offer our equipment to rent with our crew. This way we will widen the market and will reach to more businesses and geographies where clean-tech isn’t implemented yet.

We are b-2-b business. Target customers fall into several segments. Firstly, they are split by supply chain position: raw material owner (farmers), first processing (ingredient extraction companies), final product manufacturers (perfume makers). Secondly, customers are segmented by their size: micro SMEs, SMEs and global companies. Finally, customers are segmented by industries. For each customer segment, we solve slightly different problem, example later in the text. 



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