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Intimation of the related sources of information to the public audience.

The relationship between the cooperation of good groups and public servics are to be in fruitful environment are seriously considered by integrating the present requirements of work with the decisions made by authorities.

Good groups are going to promote the way of social behaviours to be fusing the system in Dubai. 

In details, the democratic editing project is going to help good groups to co-operate with the international people who will be serving the program as instructors and the present leaders to their senses.

The project will be releasing the minds from rest of information about specific situation and it changes their minds to decide what to do.

The community will be counting on the good group and not a person. The group are waiting for a leader decision to perform the action.

As this may be the good group, the bad group will not have a chance to make benefits of printed materials which are useful for their future. 

The spectacular view of this project is what treatment the professional workers would be. The professional worker should truely appreciate the Ethos of sharing and turning ti network of people with the Sam E view.

So، The industrial service are all set to be the current process for the people who n eds the service.

For the material which intended to help them to provide the informatiom., The scope of materials are going to be online subscription to the local area network. The people who needs the information will accept the information contained the original sources and try to provide their impressive ideas about them.

The process of the information will be when the other people who Shared the local area network show their ideas about the topic.

1he quality of information will be determined by the stirring community.

The valuable time they spent about interests they made, regenerate  deliveries of information.



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