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With more than 18,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation in the world. Marine territory in Indonesia reaches about 6,32 million kilometres, which leads to around US$ 3,11 billion in fish and fishery export value (2017). Ironically, communication system between fisherman, other fisherman and port officer is not maximally used. The existing technology only enables fisherman to get information from the land in the random frequency channel, sometimes conflict with airplane channel, and delivered in one-way method which means no feature to send emergency signal to the land.


Moreover, from the non-technical point of view, fishermen could spend up to 2 weeks on the sea and bring back money after selling their catch to the market. In other words, remained family members have to rely on their savings to buy basic needs, before the fishers return and sell the catch to get additional funds.

In short, there are two aspects that we would like to address with the proposed system, technical tools to help fishing activity and life of fishermen’s family while they are on duty. The first problem could be done by creating customized satellite radio which has several functionalities differ than common fishermen traditional radio, such as filtered frequency channel and two-way communication feature. Furthermore, building fintech platform that accomodate life sustainability of the temporary abandoned familiar is the second objective of this proposal.


This new business model enable fisher to sell their catch from their boat using the radio to the markets on the land in contract-based manner. By multiplying it to real-time sea products price, virtual wallet of the fisher and their family could be calculated effortlessly and be used by their spouse, child, or other members to buy basic needs in our registered merchants. All of those parties and business processes are built on the top of mobile application which integrated with our blockchain-based fintech platform.


By the fact of fintech market value prediction in Indonesia which will reach US$ 37,24 million in 2022 (Statista, 2018) and supported by government mission to make Indonesia as the Global Maritime Fulcrum (GMF), our proposed scheme offer tons of business opportunities ahead. In the long run, as the users grow, more positive impact to social and economic aspect of fishermen and their surroundings will be bloomed. 



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