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The apple tree is one of the most important fruit trees in Morocco and is particularly important in the region of Fes-Meknes, where the harvest of apple trees represents one third of the national production.
and the area also known for the quality and quantity of its production and for its favorable climatic conditions for growing apples.
Our goal is to grow apples and donate part of the harvest to help poor and isolated villages suffering from poverty and hunger, especially in winter And the snowfall in the mountainous areas that cause the total isolation of these villages.
It also causes drop-out, especially for girls, as most drop out of school (because of poverty and lack of schools) and get married early.
As well as many other problems affecting these villages.
Our goal is to help these villages.
 and because we have large farmland and water, our project will provide many job opportunities for young people, especially as the Meknes-Fez region suffers from the scourge of unemployment and lack of investment.
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