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A lot of pollution is caused by emissions of toxic gases from automobiles especially in the 3rd world countries like Tanzania where there are no strict policies checking on the quality of vehicles being imported in. The solution to reduction of these toxic emissions from vehicles is through an introduction of the filtration instrument that is capable of measuring the level of gaseous emissions from each vehicle.

This instrument/filter can test and provide test results for the vehicle in not more than 5 minutes where it is configured with certain acceptable percentage level of pollution from one vehicle be it a Car, Motorbike or lorry. If a vehicles is tested and the results are Fail then the owner is informed of the vehicle servicing requires and given a time period or else huge fines are imposed on them. For the vehicles passing this test then they are provided a sticker to display on their vehicles that are also subjected to expiration after a period of time.

The solution Test/ Filter can be placed on the Petrol Stations or other vehicles servicing stations since almost vehicles need to pass by petrol stations at some point.

Also, the government safety authority like the Traffic together with the environmental protection department need to work hand in hand to support the implementation, enforcement and adoption of the solution by the nationals so as to provide a pollution free environment and in the long run reduce climatic changes impacts caused by automobile gaseous emissions.



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