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Ecodome Maroc is an enterprise that uses earth as a main raw material to develop rural communities through earthen constructions. We are exploiting and reviving ancient Moroccan and African construction techniques and combining them with modern engineering studies to bring sustainable, economic and eco-friendly infrastructure that respects culture, preserves environment and brings value to the natural landscape; while improving education, housing and rural tourism.    

We are addressing the challenge of energy efficiency through creating passive earthen constructions that adjust naturally to weather conditions via dimensioning thickness of walls, orienting the building and conceiving openings according to site's geographical specifications (windows and doors). We exploit the earth thermal capacities to create an external envelop that guaranties energy efficiency through keeping the building cool during summer and warm during winter without using heating or air-conditioning. We also use bioclimatic conceptions to generate natural aeration and lightning. This reduces the energy consumption while guarantying a natural temperature varying between 20 to 30°C in the inside. External coats are formulated in order to allow walls to breathe and regulate humidity naturally and to preserve the natural aspect of earth in harmony with the surrounding. This brings additional comfort and a healthier space where to live with less visual and sonar pollution.

Our solution revives the old patrimony of earthen construction with its several advantages in a more industrialized manner to solve vital infrastructure issues with more energy efficiency in an economical way: education, health and rural tourism. The abundance of earth and its thermal and acoustical characteristics makes our buildings less energy consuming and more a fit into natural landscape all over Morocco, Africa, and Middle East. 



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