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Funding is needed to advance this useful and practical wave and tidal energy technology.  The funds will be used to build a working 1:50 scale model.  There have been two Masters Thesis published that evaluated the turbine design.  Both studies have validated the concept and further R&D was recommended.  To read both Masters reports, go to: .

After reading the two reports, it should be clear that the turbine design is the most versatile in the world.  No other marine energy turbine can serve both the wave and tidal energy sectors.

As the inventor, I have worked very hard to achieve third-party, academic research.  I have set in place a team of skilled maritime engineers and fabricators to build a demonstration tidal turbine.  The only obstacle is lack of funding.  With this opportunity, I hope to move forward and demonstrate how useful and powerful this technology is.  It has the potential for sustaining future energy needs in remote island and coastal areas around the world.

Thank you for your time and consideration...  John Clark Hanna, Oregon, U.S.A.



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