#foodporn out of zero hunger and poverty

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“#foodporn out of zero hunger and poverty” is the idea of a social media movement enabled by our platform that encourages sustainable food ecosystem whereby CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) monetary contribution is proportionate to quality and quantity of social interactions (social proofs) that have measurable impact on the reduction of food waste/surplus and encourage feeding the poor. We are building an integrated platform for sustainable food ecosystem that is capable of generating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) cash. Our plan is to work with predominantly buyers of rural farmers’ produces (likely cooperatives and NGOs who will be allocated with CSR cash to buy these produces). The reason for this approach is that these buyers have the logistical capacity for quick and responsive supplier-buyer interactions to minimise value loss of perishable farmers’ produce. Minimal value loss means maximal monetary returns for rural food value chain stakeholders. As it stands now, especially in developing country, postharvest loss can constitute as much as 50%.



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