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The Glosawel Ambulance and Emergency healthcare project (GLOSAWEL DIGITAL EMERGENCY HEALTHCARE PROJECT) enables users to have prompt access to quality ambulance service through the use of a mobile app.

Clients are swiftly linked to available ambulances and service providers from a dedicated control centre, which has live updates of available spaces from partner service providers.

2 main problems exist with respect to emergency healthcare in Ghana: availability and access.

The level of coordination needed to swiftly dispatch services to those who need them most is woefully inadequate. The national ambulance service currently has less than 60 functional ambulances, augmented with some private ambulances. However, access to these are largely uncoordinated. Second, bed spaces in health facilities are not effectively managed, in that, referring facilities usually have no idea of availability before referring. This technology would keep a live update of available bed spaces in partner health facilities, eliminating delays and improving efficiency.

In summary, this technology seeks to solve the problem of access in the immediate short term, and availability in the medium to long term.



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