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We can address this issue of sustainable energy which is almost a general problem facing every country in the world today most especially  sub Saharan nations.


In other to ensure every home has an affordable local source of energy for both cooking and electricity Hommy Green Energy came on board.

At Hommy Green Energy ,We build and supply quality, locally made and affordable anaerobic digester of different sizes to every home on either cash payment on delivery or by installment in Nigeria.


* Anaerobic Digester plus installation or instruction CD

* Biogas Stove


To maintain healthy environment and ensure proper waste management in every home Hommy Green Energy will supply affordable anaerobic digester to every home were food waste or animal dungs can be refined and be converted to biogas and liquid fertilizer. The biogas can now be use for cooking and for electricity.

60% of homes in Nigeria have a poultry farm or animal farm which is a source of income to them even many of our politicians still have a cow farm manage by Fulanis on there behalf. These animals produces tons of waste every day which most of the farmers find it difficult to manage because most are ignorance of the benefits that can be derived from those waste.


Since many people are ignorance of our product because its new in Nigeria Hommy Green Energy and her team will do publicity in every community and build a number of agents or distributors in every community who will supply  our products to every home on payment on delivery which will help our customer to see or touch what they ordered for before payment is done while other can easily pay on our online platform and get there product delivered to there home address in any part through our agents.



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