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We have done major work on application of Archimedes principle as a means of utilization of gravity & anti gravity forces of nature via buoyancy which inspired us to venture deep to catch up the solution. The forces of gravity are free energy of dead weight of falling water by gravity from any source like hydro turbine, river/ high head tank say at an average of 5000 M3 per second. If the same is stored on a floating submarine for a duration of 30 seconds, 150000 Kgs of  water load will act upon the ship, which can displace water equivalent to 150000 kgs of weight. On release of water via gravity from the submarine  down head, the loaded water will be drained out leading to reversal upward lift of the submarine by density reduction & buoyancy. This phenomenon is  the basis of working system of our hydraulic pump system in which the input energy for immersion is dead weight of floating submarine or ram in inner ram pipe and free falling water from any source.

Now it is obvious from the you tube video:, by suitable configuration of this phenomenon, the pre stored water in outer well [ tube ] of the pump is displaced to higher head via annular space of the number marked inner pipe into which free falling water from hydro turbine is let into causing positive displacement. Thus water from a low level can be lifted to desired high head via weight of in flow water from source & additional weight to meet the total energy. The second part is reversal lift of the ram which is done by activation of drain valve from inner ram, due to which loaded water is released out from inner ram, it floats back to previous upper position by buoyancy [ moving numbers of the video] & the loaded water is charged into the system. By repeat of this cycle, reciprocal movement of a positive displacement hydraulic pump can be facilitated.

This forms the basic working principle of the hydraulic pump working on weight of inflow water & dead weight of the inner ram pipe. Suitable more gadgets are engineered into the system, by which the reversal lift energy of the ram pump is attained in an energy efficient manner [ say upto 400 %] using extended principles of Archimedes principle that an immersed body in water loses its weight due to buoyancy forces acting on its surface.

These pumps deliver water as per in flow rate into the system delivering water from lower levels to higher head, say a 2 HP pump can deliver the work of 10 HP. 1] The lifted water can be used for hydro power generation. by down head pen stock & can be recycled into the system using the pump. 2] The lifted water to high head can be easily transported to high altitude lands by gravity having got lifted to elevated heads using the pump.

This explains briefly regarding the working principle & scope of the technology for hydro power & mass water lifting. As the two in one solution for sustainable power & water, r the pump technology applications are briefed as below.


1] Instant recycling of water from hydro turbine / tail race back to dam / barrage / pumped storage upper dam, making hydro power plant workable 24 hours x 365 days.

 2] Scope of dam less hydro power plant with around 80% savings by prevention of dam / barrage construction

3] Scope of artificial high head formation from any water source [ say sea coast/ river / canal/ lake / sewage / effluent treatment plants/ large scale water handling units with dual options of hydro power generation by release down of the lifted water or mass water transport by gravity to elevated destinations. Due to high energy efficiency, the power consumption will cost just 20 to 25% .

4] The concept of dam less hydro power plants, leads to scope of conversion of thermal [ coal / gas / fuel] power prime movers to recycled water dam less hydro turbine system, towards discarding fuels in existing thermal power plants without losing the value of generator & post generator units.

5] @ of 1 Ton / 2 MW hour of thermal power generation, say by converting an existing 100 MW thermal power plant, we can cut off

1x50x24 =1200 Tons of GHG emissions / day. Imagine the scope of 65 % of global thermal power plants [ 6500 GW x 1000 MW] & the potential of emission reduction / day / week / month / year.


Climate mitigation technologies calls for dedicated & diligent work & we put forward our innovation for further support, development and global dissemination towards reaching sustainable power & water on a long term basis.


When the question of sustainability arises, we expect that, the global community  to consider the technology merits mainly on the sustainability criteria, not as a competition technology to existing options like solar, wind, clean thermal, safe nuclear etc. As long as gravity, water & buoyancy forces exist on earth, the technology will work for the very long term future.

Other major worthy fact noteworthy is need for limited recycled water for power generation.

Say a 5000 liter / sec [ 5M3 / sec] discharge  from a dam for power generation say 10 MW will consume, 5 x 60 x60 x24=432000 M3  of water discharge / day. By using the technology & water retention time of say just 15 minutes, we need just 5 x 60 x15 = 4500 M3

of recycled water using the pump. Since the pump consumes 20 to 25 % of the generated power, the power plant output will become 8 to 7.5 MW instead of 10 MW. Using the 4500 M3 water, with random evaporation replacement, the power plant can work 24 hours x 365 days.


We expect that, the program will take care of the technology development by all means based on the immense benefits foreseen. We also solicit possible engineering collaborations & expertise from all possible corners to join hands in this unique technology venture.



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