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I have to believe that our human race is resilient and we need to foster the rapid growth of sustainable energy for our ecosystem. We are living in an era that marks a pivotal point that will affect our existence on this planet. There is a major worldwide threat that is at our doorstep today and that is global warming. Studies by the scientific community are conclusive and are showing that we are not doing enough as a global team. We are producing more harmful greenhouse emissions which are affecting the climate cycle of our fragile ecosystem. We are emitting about 6 billion ton of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, if we continue at this rate in 22 years we will accelerate it to 20 billion tons. There are many more excess gases that we produce and it is warming our planet's ecosystem and causing catastrophic weather disruption. Our major concern is the fact that our ice caps are thawing and melting rapidly. The melting glaciers produce sweet water which is diluting the salt water and affecting the thermohaline circulatory system in oceans currents. We are witnessing large glaciers breaking off and melting rapidly at a historic rate and rising sea levels.  Eventually, the gulf stream belt will slow and shut down the natural flow of ocean currents. This creates a manmade apocalypse that will begin to spiral our planet in to the ice age or as some call it snowball earth. Most of the European countries are already making changes to their environmental policies and lifestyle.  We need to take the reigns by setting the example to the world and help other nations such as India, China, and Africa follow our lead. Many climatologists have been warning us about this problem for decades, we have ignored their plea for change. We need to be responsible and create a greater call to action to preserve our existence of humanity on our planet.

We have created an energy system has a chamber that stands vertical and uses water pressure and gravity to induce a generator. The system uses Archimedes principles of displacement of water and Newton's laws of gravity. These two natural resources are combined to create a nondepleted and uninterrupted source of renewable energy 24-7. For centuries physicists have been using this formula (PE+KE=ME) which stands for potential energy / kinetic energy that produces mechanical energy. I am able to put the two elements together and create a system that can now bring hydropower anywhere in any environment. The energy produced by the system heats the water and circulates through the facility or home for heating, it also heats the water for showering and the excess to the grid. This system can be retrofitted in your boiler room and up in your chimneys.  Hydrotomic energy systems can be installed in all towns, villages and large cities that are off grid also. I will separate our energy grid into micro grids in the event of major power loss to our fragile power infrastructure.  It does not emit any harmful carbons in our atmosphere. It's has a very low carbon footprint to manufacture.  



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