ice pyramids- artificial glaciation.

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"ICE PYRAMIDS" are life saving solution to solve shortage of water in snowy regions of the world.Ice pyramid is a form of glacier grafting technique to create artificial glaciers, used for storing winter water(which otherwise would be wasted) in the form of pyramids of ice. During summer, when there is shortage of water, these ice pyramids melts to increase water supply for crops.

The idea is very simple and needs no pumps or power. We all know that water maintains its level. Therefore water piped from 60 m upstream would easily rise close to 60 m up from ground when it reaches the surface. For simplicity we can imagine that the pipe is mounted on a mobile-phone tower of that height, and then it is made to fall from that height in cold winter nights when it is -30 to -50°C outside (with wind chill factor). The water would freeze by the time it reaches the ground and slowly form a huge cone or Ice Pyramids roughly 30 to 50 m high. In reality we won’t even need a tower structure since we can let the piped water first freeze at the ground level and then mount higher meter by meter as the thickness of the ice grows, finally reaching close to the height of the source.

This idea can be used to solve water problems in snowy areas of the world. It's just an idea but can influence and help the lives of many. 

I really want to help and create new ideas but I need further help and cooperation. I have already attached information about construction and working of my Ice pyramids in the above section. Thanks to Global Makers Challenge for providing me the best opportunity. I am striving hard to help and influence the lives of many and do something important..........



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