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HICCS is abbreviation for Home of Infant and Child Care Center. HICCS project is a non-profit non-governmental organization deals with taking care of children of non-school going in order to assist parents to have time to work and produce.

HICCS is currently based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. It has a vision to spread all over Tanzania in the near future.

It is expected to carter for Dar es Salaam population about 5.7 million population. The project is expected to scale over all Tanzania in the near future

HICCS was found by Mrs Odina S Kalinga, the Chief Executive Officer, who has expertise in Business Administration and has worked for over twenty five years with the government institutions dealing with food and nutrition.

To provide adequate and quality home based care services to children of working parents.

Provision of adequate affordable and sustainable home based care solutions for the working parents and care takers.

 Healthy children and productive society 

Tanzania is a developing country with about 59 million populations.  Tanzania has growth rate of 3.1% .Tanzania has one of the highest birth rates in the world with about 44% population under the age of 15 years with total fertility rate of 5 children born per woman. Fifty two percent of the population is between 15 years and 64 and just 3.1% over the age of 64 years. Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania (

HICCS engagement in provision of home based care services would allow parents to engage fully at work without worrying about their children and hence increase productivity both in urban and rural areas to bring about zero hunger and sustainable communities.


HICCS has the following functions:

      To bring about zero hunger by encouraging the working groups mothers and caretakers to work hence reduction of hunger in homes

      To bring about sustainable cities through sustainable homes and work places

      Planning and implementing infant care services in Tanzania

      Provides education, training and nutritional consultations to mothers and care takers of children

      Conducting researches aimed at identifying mothers and care takers’ problems and how to solve them

      Provision of public awareness of infant care center and effects of employing teens

      Facilitates exclusive breastfeeding for mothers who breastfeed by development of infant care corners at work place.

      Scaling up infant care services throughout the country


HICCS project is in the process of being fully formed and established in Tanzania and faces a number of technical challenges including:

      Staffing, training and capacity building of the staffs

      Infrastructural development –construction of office of workers and play grounds of children and room expansions for babies

      Computer installation for children record keeping and operation information

      Expertise consultancy costs about the project- marketing and running of the project


The project operation under competent man power and technical strategies will ensure its survival and continuation.

This will be made successful through continuous capacity building of workers and utilizing of the expertise’s advice and research based findings implementations in running of the project


Financial stability of the project will be ensured by setting acceptable fee costs for mothers and caretakers either in money terms particularly in the city or in crops terms in the involved villages.

This will assist covering operational costs of the project.


HICCS project on wining this challenge will gratefully incorporate all the technical experts’ advice and disseminate the technical skills to other initiative projects in the country in order to help one and serve one.



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                       DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA.

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