Intelligent Cubical Gardens

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The world's population is predicted to reach 8.1 billion by 2025. The advances in agriculture could meet the food demand by utilizing the existing farmlands. But localized scarcity of healthy food may continue to exist due to high price of vegetables associated with supply and demand. 

Intelligent Cubical Gardens (ICG) is an effort to bring farming into the urban environment were land for farming virtually does not exist. Small, intelligent and practically maintenance free green houses employing aquaponics helps families produce a constant supply of fresh vegetables and fish to meet their daily requirements. ICG is a portable and modular farm land having a minimum footprint of 1m x 1m, which can be placed inside the house or balcony or any space available to one's convenience. These intelligent aquaponic mini gardens along with its companion app can monitor the environment and soil conditions and automatically maintain the suitable environment for the plants and fish. The modular design of the system helps in meeting the demand of the customer with the area of usable space available.

India being the second populous country in the world is witnessing an alarming decline in farmers and fertile land being remaining unused. ICG hopes to bring farming to the young generation by making farming easy and by adapting it to meet the current generation's lifestyle. ICG envisions to teach young generation the importance of self-sustainability, coexistence and ownership.



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