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For over the last two decades, I've had an idea of electric power generation with the resource that is discarded naturally or intentionally.  It works all day and in windless, requires no digging and refining, gives huge power in theory, exhausts nothing and exists forever.  It is a kind of natural/renewable energy, but sometimes an artificial energy.  Think what it is.

The answer is the thermal expansion difference between material bodies.  Everything expands or contracts more or less according to its temperature change.  Connecting their bodies to restrict each other induces huge compression or tension power with the help of temperature change.

But in actuality, a relatively small temperature difference is expected, e.g. temperature between day and night, summer and winter, tap water and hot drain water we discard in/after taking a bath, and even atmosphere and your body.  However it lasts forever because the sun permanently shines and we human beings live every day making heat.

Imagine how wonderful it could be to have a cell phone which creates electricity when you put it in your pocket censoring your body temperature.  How amazing would it be if snow fallen in winter generates electricity in the next summer.  Desert is an ideal place for such type of power generation as the ambient temperature changes considerably between day and night every day.  I named the mechanism Thermal Expansion Difference Power Generation, or TED-PG.

However, I've not come up with any idea of how to change the resultant thermal force into electric power, which is beyond what I can imagine.  Let's discuss how to realize this power generation system and develop actual systems. 

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