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Despite being in a formal education for so long, so many children cannot even read or write or even perform the basic maths of addition and subtraction let alone seen a computer.

We started off kids can code as a platform that's seeks to educate Kids in computer science as well as give them access to the digital world.

Kids Can Code is a week long training courses for children between the ages of seven (7) to fifteen (15) that seeks to convince them that coding can be fun and equally educative. 

Our aim is to introduce Kids to the world of  coding where they get to bring their imaginations to reality, boost their thinking capacy, enhance creativity through simple and Interactive pick and drop platforms.

Research has shown that children who are exposed to coding are known to be sharper and smarter. The world is amazed at the wonderful imaginations and innovation Kids have when given the opportunity to express themselves.

So far, we have over fifty (50) children with an active Gmail account, these kids have also created amazing and real life apps And this are kids who had little or no knowledge of computer nor have ever touched a gadget.

It is estimated that about 26% of the world's under 15 years have internet penetration of the 4Billion internet users.

So if kids are been introduced to the digital world through educative means, it would be easier for them to leverage on the opportunity and be more aware that they don't only have to be users of technology but they can also be inventors, builders and entrepreneurs. This will also increase the number of Internet users In the world.



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