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Rural transformation has become a serious problem since decades, as the agricultural land is shrinking due to urban sprawl or commercial projects. This transformation led to the biggest challenges ever in the world, namely hunger and malnutrition without a clear solution. Agriculture production in many countries especially the (developing countries) is inadequate despite the technological development covered all areas and the influence on the agriculture mechanisms. Despite the modern agriculture, there is a global suffering from this challenge, in which overpopulation make many of solutions, ideas and investments that have been applied over the past years ineffective.


Most people around the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition. It's a global issue even for countries don't face such challenge.

If we are looking for creative solution for this challenge, we must study it well and know that this challenge is beyond our capabilities and resources despite of the technology covers today, but we can overcome it.


First, before I pose my thought, I want to explain why this challenge exceeds our current capabilities. Simply, to overcome a problem of such complexity requires successive generations, each generation does his part to the next one to achieve what we seek, a world without hunger.


My idea circumvents three factors. First, know your resources, the key word here is (Children). Over the last few decades, global population growth has largely been driven by developing countries, which often have higher birth rates

and accordingly, an enormous number of school students that are growing every year, yet we can make use of this dilemma.


Second factor, (Education): the developing countries shall apply "agriculture" as a mandatory subject at schools and create a methodically and scientifically curriculum where the young generations will learn modern agriculture. Since it is a mandatory subject students and parents will take it into consideration.


If we apply a regulation states that the student shall not progress to the next year unless he passed the regarding subject throughout reclaiming 6-10 square meters, the number of reclaimed lands will follow growing a year by year. Until he reaches the high school, he will reclaim about 100-200 square meters, according to the resources of each country. 


If we apply this solution on a country such as Egypt, the number of reclaimed lands will increase to 476,096 acres in 11 study year from primary stage to high school. This might be a small number of reclaimed lands but I am talking about a solution without expensive investment cost that fit all countries and the population increase as well.

The more birth rates, the more school student and thus the reclaimed acres. The 

point is we are raising a generation aware of the agriculture importance and learn how to invest in agriculture and related projects. 


The success of this project depends on the governments and its seriousness to carry out it. I talk here about the governments and officials support, all the sufficient funding and the arable lands that need to be near to their homes to facilitate their task, however the modern and irrigation methods. The funding that will provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education, will not make a large burden on countries that has a development plans, as it will serve the same goal in addition to the best use of the human factor.


Finally, to make the success of this idea by applying it to a small village in one of the developing countries and after achieving the desired results we can launch the project globally. I think the project will find its way to self-success in many countries without marketing or large investments.



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