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Worldwide, there are 3.4 billion rural consumers and about 3 billion of them live in developing countries in Asia and Africa. They are not all poor; in many countries, a rural middle class is emerging or expanding. Technology is making it easier to connect with rural consumers in so-called media dark areas. Kumbaya built zeroXess, a solar-powered home energy and communications platform that is affordable, reliable and sustainable, to ensure there is always electricity, light, connectivity, and access to the information of the world. The zeroXess solution includes solar power collection hardware, a single board computer, a platform for managing electricity, connectivity, and the Kumbaya Content Library. A comprehensive education offering for early childhood instruction, literacy programs, health and nutrition information, agriculture data and entrepreneurship training, all in an effort to achieve a lasting impact of socia and economic progress. Electricity Powers Connectivity, Connectivity Powers Knowledge, Knowledge Powers Social & Economic Progress The zeroXess TV and radio capabilities bring local news, information, and entertainment to off-grid communities. The platform allows access for non-invasive eHealth monitoring devices and point-of-care decision support. Built-in sensors detect and warn against hazards like CO/CO2, temperature and humidity.



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