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In a city where electricity is almost non-existent, a city where thousands of tons of plastic and electronic waste are thrown into garbage cans and public garbage dumps without a recycling unit, we have put in place various ways to recover and reuse. these and make them useful devices for the community.

In view of the growing lack of electricity in the city of Bukavu, we designed and manufactured a lamp made from old plastic cans called KIBIDON. KIBIDON has 3 important factors including:

1. Chargeable (on solar panel and mains or electricity)

2. Torch or table lamp

3. Power bank to charge the phone

 In a city of about 5.772 million inhabitants located in a country where according to statistics of the Snel only 15% of the population has access to electricity, KIBIDON offers unlimited access to household lighting and economic recovery. KIBIDON will offer even more once our goal of acquiring modern equipment is achieved.



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