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using a small container, a maker space can serve as a focal point for education and community empowerment. The
maker space will broadcast 2.4 and 5.8 wifi and will serve as a community learning center to grow local capabilities of the youth especially women and children. The container will be powered by renewable energy mostly solar and will have basic machining tools to help the area solve physical pressing problems with local supplies. along with basic tool, it will include plastic recycling tools welding tools and electronic prototyping tools and supplies we aim to facilitate the growth of maker skills in the developing world to ease aid dependency & create the skill base for the local to grow there own and start startups that solve their problems.
along with STEM training and data-driven startup coaching these areas can be transformed into producers rather than consumers  and the students from these areas grow and spread into the neighboring areas to teach what they learned and solve the problems of that area through the skills they have mastered using the youth of that area and with that emerges a positive cycle of change that transforms these villages to producers and socially sustainable micro enterprises  



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