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In two years of our operations, we have enabled smallest of the farmers to undertake mechanization on their small fields without worrying about feasibility of the same. Starting from rice and green chilly farmers in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh to coconut and rice farmers in Manglore district in Karnataka, we have catered to more than 12000 farmers either on pilot or revenue project basis. We design and rent customized farming tools like sapling planter, harvesters, tillers, husker to cater to different demography. In a hilly and wet terrain like Manglore, we designed a small farm tractor with low horse power which can cater to tilling, rotating and loading needs of the rice farmers in uphills. Similarly, for weeds and grasses, we designed and rented manual harvesters called blade Scythe to save cost of harvesting. Farmers are just a mobile missed call away to ensure that their farms are in safe hands.

 I started with decentralized production of farm manure employing landless labor. But, in India the taxation regime and strict commercial laws of business in manure toppled the whole grant idea and the work. I kept my focus same and changed the intervention by actualizing on improving farmers' income through reduction on labor cost and farm mechanization. This will enable them to focus on farm improvisation techniques like use of organic manure for which they need extra cash. The whole change in the business plan was dramatic but the best of the sight was yet to arrive. Starting with few manual harvesters and sapling planters, we rose to be one of the most innovative agriculture technology startup in India winning accolades all over. I have worked with the farmers my whole professional life, and my relativity with their root problem made me more flexible and motivated to innovate every day. Now, being a data analytics based farm mechanization company, my focus is to enter farm mobility and storage space to reduce the logistics and wastage cost by more than 40 % for the farmers. The innovation coupled with impact are my biggest drivers to go on always. I have shared the design and prototype in the attached application.

With this grant, I will develop an electric vehicle cum cold storage for the farmers which can reduce their farm mobility/loading cost by 60 % and will be able to keep their 20 % of the produce safe for selling it at better price in post harvest seasons in the market. This will be a revolution for small scale farmers who sell their produce at miserable rates of 16 USD/tonne for potatoes and onions owing to high supply in harvesting seasons. They cant afford cold storage facility owing to availability and high cost and end up selling the produce at such low price and entrapping themselves in never ending debt. We will be collaborating to make 20 such facility in next two years to cater to more than 50000 farmers. This grant will help us serve around 20000 farmers for mobility and 8000 farmers for short storage facility.

The grant  will be invested in development of installation of electric vehicle cum cold storage vehicle for the farmers. The vehicle will be used as loading vehicle to carry farm produce and other farm inputs on and off the market in sowing and harvesting seasons. This vehicle and similar such vehicles to be developed later will be rented to the farmers in real time using farm mobility model. In rest of the months, the same vehicle will be used to store the 20 % of the farm produce of individual farmer on supply analytics basis to ensure they sell the produce in the demand seasons fetching them more than 200 percent of their produce in harvesting seasons. 



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