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This project is to the disadvantaged population. At the same time is a project with feasibility for any country whatever the economy in which it is inserted. Being an agricultural charisma project aims to automatism the food production, with the viability of the fact that an automated production unit with few maintenance costs after built, is completely ecological and serves up natural resources to operate at full capacity.

The construction of units to distribute in places where there are people who can not pay, will be done with the profits of units distributed in rich countries.

The units in rich countries will charge about 3 euros dose. Thus it is expected that each unit will be paid in about 4 months.

As you can see, the investment ratio is very good.

The income of each machine in rich countries is for the construction of 3 new machines a year to donate.

The food production machine is made with the measurements of a 40-foot container in sturdy material that is relatively easy to place on either side.

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