MyFi— portable access points owned by women

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Closing the tech accessibility gap is not possible without addressing the gender divide. This is a problem in Africa, where less than twelve percent of women have access to the internet. How can we ensure equality for all when statistics tell us otherwise? Added incentives are needed for women to be on par with their male counterparts in terms of accessibility.

MyFi is a concept that I encourage you to imagine with me: a world where women are not prevented from harnessing the full power of the internet simply due to their gender. MyFi, at this stage, is currently envisioned as portable access points for wifi. Solar powered and women owned, each of these mobile hotspots are a small micro business. Women own these portable stations and charge users a one time or monthly subscription to use them. Money spent on purchasing each device also pays for a series of training sessions on a variety of tech topics designed to build a foundation of knowledge as well as allow others to expand on their existing framework. These solar powered wifi devices can be set up in sunny indoor locations and allow families and communities members, men and women alike, equal access to a resource that many of us take for granted. Women can earn money and provide an invaluable service for their communities. It's a win-win situation for everyone. 



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