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NASPA, a solar company that provides off-grid solar to customers. Company provides stand-alone solar especially to customers in rural areas and unconnected to the grid. We use Pay-as-you (PAYG) solar to make this vision an affordable reality for customers is Nigeria and Africa in general. NASPA is partnering with local telecomm companies to enable customers to pay for their solar bills using rechargeable cards, similar to mobile phones. Our company will partner with the government and other stakeholders to scale solar installations in Nigeria. NASPA will save customers 40% on current energy usage (kerosene for lanterns, or petrol & diesel for generators) while making a profit for stakeholders.


Over 600 million in Africa lack electricity. NASPA was founded on the vision of reaching millions in rural areas without grid access through PAYG solar. Solar installations in Nigeria have been slow, compared to other countries. Part of the problem is Nigeria’s difficult business environment. It’s also due to the lack of research, knowledge on how to obtain funding both locally and internationally by management of local companies. Others see rural customers as credit risks. NASPA plans on overcoming this by partnering, with government, and vital stakeholders. This project will create thousands of jobs, and better the lives of millions of present & future Nigerians.


Company is using pay as you go solar on a big scale to electrify customers that are not connected to the national grid, along with SME’s. Instead of mobile money as a form of payment for customers, NASPA is using mobile recharge cards, due to the lack of popularity of mobile money in W.Africa.  It will allow  customers to pay in increments for their solar like they do with cell phone bills. The solar systems are fitted with SIM cards which allows real time data & monitoring. Once payment is received by the telecomm company, a code will be sent back to the customer which they will input in the keypad on the equipment to activate the system. It will also allow us to shut down the system if no payment is received & re-lease to others.


The innovation will enable our customers in Africa to be able to afford solar panels which will replace their current energy usage, and save them money in the long run. This correlates to general well being, fewer mosquitos, less inhalation of unhealthy fumes, less noise by generators, and better quality of light when studying for the African child. Our innovation would also help lots of urban areas, & SME’s by providing payment plans for solar energy installations. This is guaranteed to scale the rate of Installations, because one of the main obstacles of solar in Nigeria has been affordability. Additionally, NASPA plans on utilizing PAYG for solar storages, solar farms, solar stoves, floating solar and other future products and services.


The time to solarize Nigeria is now.  The country needs to get on board or be left behind. Oil will finish on earth in 25 to 50yrs from now. Gas will be depleted in 30 to 80yrs. But the sun, the sun will shine forever.

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