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The global plastic production increased over years due to the vast applications of plastics in many industrial sectors. Over time, these plastics big in to accumulate on the surface of the earth. Thus polluting the soil and ground water tables. Various solutions were drafted to reduce such plastic wastages. Some alternatives that have been developed to facilitate plastic wastes were Recycling and Energy recovery methods. However, there were some drawbacks as it required high labor cost for the separation process. Furthermore, water contamination reduced process sustainability.

Since Petroleum is the main source of plastic manufacturing, the conversion of plastic to liquid oil through Pyrolysis has a great potential. The   thus produced has high calorific value comparable with the commercial fuel. In this context, a Portable Plastic to Crude Oil Converter unit  could be developed. If this system is catalyzed by Aluminium Silicate the speed of this pyrolysis process increases, thereby saving time . This is also found to be more efficient to obtain higher output. 



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