Palm Biodiesel That Reduces Sulphur and Carbon

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Biodiesel gives excellent performance when using as fuel especially to mechanical equipment and generators. Our technology reduces the sulphur and carbon content than petroleum. Others use sodium methoxide or methanol and lye which are a chemical based process, we don’t use this system.

We have energy resources, due to growing demands by utilizing alternative fuel. I think biodiesel in diesel engine is safer to use in diesel engine because it is environment friendly meaning less air pollution, less health hazard and less danger for human usage especially now a days that may illnesses and diseases occur without knowing it causes even medical experts could hardly determine that’s why they make some researches before making a concrete conclusion. Biodiesel is also a budget-friendly because it is cheaper than petrodiesel meaning it is suitable in most third world countries wherein economy is deprived there is a lot of economic problems so if biodiesel will be introduced to these countries maybe perhaps it could be one of the economic solutions, because it is affordable even to low income people. Hopefully, we can have a clean atmosphere and fresh air to breathe from this present generation and more generation to come, due to less carbon emission.



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