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The aim of the PAPA(Pads and Panties) project is to enhance community literary in the northern part of Kenya. The challenge we have as the pastoralists communities is that girls / women miss educational opportunities due to lack of basic necessities such a sanitary pads.

As a nomadic girl who have faced the same problems in early childhood but no matter the challenges overcame and became the first graduate girl in my village, I decided to give back to my communities. The challenge we are tackling is the literacy among the pastoralists women in Kenya. Through provisions of PAPA we keep the girls in rural village schools.In Kenya 30% of the adolescents school going girls especially in the pastoral communities miss classes or even drop out of schools due lack of sanitary pads and also lack of role models in their communities.

Early marriages is another global challenge, in Kenya harmful cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation contributes to school drop out for the girls hence early marriages. Therefore we are working on community literary programs by keeping young girls in schools through provision of PAPA.

After winning an international award from McKinsey and Company in 2017, we were able to build a classroom in my village. The classroom serve as the preparatory school for the children in the morning and its used as the adults learning centre in the afternoon. This is encouraging the formal education especially for the girls and women are not given the priorities due to cultural barrier.

We are a non profit organization but we would like to use the PAPA project as the social entrepreneur activity to sustain the foundation as we impact lives positively.Getting this grant and support will really help us tackle the educational challenge among the nomadic pastoralists of Northern Kenya. So far the support from various organizations and well wishers is what's helping us progress with our noble work. With your support we hope to reach to more girls and women in remotes part of Kenya.



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