Planting and value addition on nutrition pastures

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I adress the challenge by producing and selling of high production and nutritious pastures.  Which increases the growth rate and production of livestock in Uganda. Using a small piece of land. As long as animals are producing highly, nutrition per house hold improves, income generation becomes high as well as solving hunger problems.

This is done while protecting the nature and a environment because pastures are good at conserving soil nutrients and well as legume pastures are nitrogen fixers to the soil, they control soul erosion and reduce time he on the land, fodder trees like calliandra and gricidia which are highly nutritious,  they act as source of plant protein to animals yet they also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is a green house gas, they help in rainfall formation as well.

Adding value on pastures improves the feeds that animals eat hence reducing the bad emotions they release in the atmosphere. 



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