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Half of the world population doesn’t have access to the internet; these are the people from lower strata of society usually living in rural areas and women.

Problem Analysis:

The people who don’t have the access can be classified into two categories.

01)   Those who don’t have the wherewithal to pay the internet bill.

02)   Women in certain cultures because society is frowned by such use.

The effectiveness of the solution will depend upon how poverty and culture are consideration while designing the solution to bridge the digital divide.



A new business model to develop online symbiotic relationship between the market players (traders, service providers) and the consumer with focus on areas of daily life where the marginalized section of society operate  i.e Kitchen and household, and agriculture.

To make internet reachable to everyone economically, In this model market players have to pay a portion(20% to 25%) of their profit back to End user /consumer as internet recharge on each order booked online. Hence, consumers are enticed to use internet which will result in the proliferation of it, on the other hand market players having access to the online platform will get benefited by serving a greater number of users.


Solution details:

Prudent Management proposes a web based business management system designed to promote digitalization of society. Solution will have two modules.

01)   Kitchen and households: Food is a basic necessity for every one which makes Kitchen a vital part of every dwelling unit, it is also an equal reality that women are the custodian of kitchen where gender base discrimination exists in the society. So, if by somehow we are able to establish a link between food ingredients and internet it will not only provide access of digital technology to more people, but also will go in the hands of marginalized community (women). Prudent Management has kept these facts in mind while proposing Kitchen and households module. Traders having access to this module are bound to pay 25% of their profit to prudent Management. 80% of this 25% will be paid back to the consumer as internet recharge enabling them to connect and interact with online community effectively without paying anything extra.

02)   Agriculture and Farms: This module is conceived considering the needs of people earning their living through agriculture. The workforce working in the fields are usually from the destitute families living in rural areas. Prudent management provide them access to internet by reimbursing cost of internet in the form of recharge calculated based on value exchanged online with the merchants, traders, dealers, transporters and other service providers on Prudent Management platform. This recharge is paid from the revenue collected from the affluent market players using prudent management platform.


Solution is scalable as access to the web platform can be provided to a large number of traders and service providers ready to share the profit with the community.


The free internet recharge will play a role of catalyst in transforming the lives of deprived community. Online booking of order will show the society a path to digital economics, and the cycle of prosperity can become self-reinforcing.


80% of the revenue collected by Prudent Management will be reimbursed to the consumers as internet recharge; remaining 20% is to run the online web platform. Moreover online advertisement can be another potential source of income to make solution economically viable.



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