Raffia bags

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Raffia bags

  Under the challenge, the first action immediately applicable, simple and cheap measure is to safely store agricultural products.

Raffia bags are the cheapest and can be distributed immediate as help in areas with extreme poverty. They are small and one person can load and store them. In many situations, women and children are harvesting.

The PP film is cut into thin yarns and is then woven into grain bags. These bags do not absorb moisture from the outside but allow the evaporation of water vapors resulting from the drying of agricultural products in order to avoid the appearance of mold.

The jute bags absorb the external moisture if they come in contact with the wet ground, and then deliver it to the agricultural products. It is obvious that by damping the agricultural products are depreciating, the premature germination or the mold appears.

These raffia bags are the most appropriate for keeping your agricultural products safely in time.

There may also be areas exposed to floods during rains with unpleasant effects on stored agricultural crops.

It's all bigger bags that have four suspending straps. In this way, the bags with agricultural products can be kept in a suspended position and the possible water below them does not affect the agricultural products.



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