Raised Farming for Flooded Areas

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In developing countries in the tropical region, most communities live along river system, near river systems or in valleys that drain numerous small streams. It is also where most of the agricultural activities abound. Unfortunately during the monsoon season or in the advent of typhoons, these areas are also easily inundated. Most of the areas are planted with rice, which are to a certain extent resilient to immersion in flood water. The other agricultural crops are not such as vegetables. These are usually the primary source of income for some farmers.

A potential solution for this scenario is to create raised farm systems a few meters above the ground. A drainage system for the raised farms will be designed and be able to collect rainwater to be stored below it through a fishpond. During the dry season, stored water from the fishpond can be used to irrigate the raised farm above it. Excess water in the raised farms can then cycle back to a holding tank grown with water hyacinth to remove excess nutrients before going back to the fishpond. This will sustain the raised farmland above it, the dried hyacinth can be utilised as fuel and source of material for other uses. Wastes from the fish can be used as fertiliser for the raised farms above. This system can assure food security in flood-prone areas and not be entirely dependent on external relief donations. They can also have an income from excess food production and in products derived from the water hyacinth.   



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