Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC)

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Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) is basically a fuel cell and operates the same as a conventional hydrogen gas/air or oxygen models. It is named as it is for the reason that it has a regeneration or reactivation system for the reaction by products which is mainly water (H2O). The regeneration system is a very efficient electrolyzer stack directly coupled to the fuel cell stack in a unified design. Both the electrolyzer and the fuel cell use dual electrolyte and dual electrode membrane separator that makes both unit attain high working efficiency. Electrolyzer used in this design produces mono-atomic hydrogen gas and oxygen gas which requires lower power than producing diatomic hydrogen gas (H2) and diatomic oxygen gas (O2). Fuel cell reactant materials are chosen having high oxidation potential fuel at the anode half cell and high reduction potential fuel at the cathode half cell. Oxidant fuel in the anode is a mono-atomic gas produced at the cathode half cell of the electrolyzer. On the other hand, reductant fuel used in the cathode half cell is a poly-atomic gas reformed from one half of the mono-atomic gas from the cathode half cell of the electrolyzer and the mono-atomic gas from the anode half cell. The two gases are processed in a reformer tank producing poly-atomic gas with high reduction potential. The high oxidation potential and high reduction potential gives a high open cicuit voltage of the fuel cell comparable to lead acid battery voltage output. The lower power required by the Electrolyzer in splitting water and the high voltage output of the fuel cell gives a very high overall efficiency of the system. The RFC could run electric vehicles without electrical recharging. Need only small amount of water to replenish that may be lost in the system during operation. It could also be used in electric power generation by coupling to a DC-AC converter or a motor/generator tandem. This technology will also save on the use of fossil fuel giving a cleaner environment.



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