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She Tech Accelerator, is flagship to motivate girls' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art / Design (STEM) in the early stages of their choices through practical skills on coding, software development and programming. One day, I wish jump into artificial intelligence. The learning process is hand-on training complemented with in-classroom skills development such as critical thinking and problem solving. A six months programs will equipped young girls with practical frontier technology and innovation skills to scale either start a venture or workplace apply.


From our Emergent Girls Entrepreneur Accelerator Corner, students will assume a consultant role of local business and provide tech solution to their needs, while developing their own venture.

Designed only for girls between the ages of 15 and 22 years old and target 250 girls a year.  


PROBLEM: Why family encourage boys to take the risk and girls not to be too ambitions? On the past tree years work as education representative, I had the opportunity to interact with over 5000 students from Angola and what bother me is the huge gap between boys and girls in Technical Courses, specially on Computing and Sciences. It come from a long historical process that involve, family, teachers, police makers and the entire community.


Globally, 59% of girls are illiteracy. Compared to other continents, African demography projection girl´s birth are increasing by 30% between 2015 to 2030. In Angola, only 83 girls compared to 100 boys, have access to education, what give us a gap 13 girls out of school for every 100 boys. Add to that the digital literacy gap.


Our solution: She Tech Accelerator: To develop the next legion of girl in Tech.


Prepare the girls for Coding and Programming on Market Segment: Develop the next generation of developers and programing. On future, we dream scale as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic.

7 Grand Challenge Learning: Driven your learning focus on community problem solution

7 World Meta Skills: Develop leadership spirit, students must be encourage to be innovate, thinking entrepreneurs to solve real world problems

Celebrate the power of idea into classroom: Equipped students with ability to create, innovate and have space to step out their venture



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