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The idea is that to provide clean energy to each and every corner of this whole world, through low orbit satelite solar stations (Named as SOLO), which would act as a solar source connecting the sun with the earth (As a huge mirror) after dark or in locations where there is no sunlight for a good time (Svalbard for example).

These SOLOs shall have the ability to recharge themselves from the solar power itself while staying in the orbit following the sun and passing sun rays through other SOLOs and then automatically to the desired location, they are equipped with such plates which skew and swivel according to the needs.

This would not only benefit the hidden localities but would rather benefit the whole world, as most of the industries would opt to run on solar power, this will eventually bring down the global warming and pollution levels as well and moreover would change the lives of the distant communities living in the remote locations on this Earth.

These SOLOs could be even be used as mobile internet connectivity, radio signaling and could also be a great tool for informing before time about any natural calamity and disasters if this is connected to a radio, farmers would benefit from this too.


Imtiyaz Shaikh (Global Goodwill Ambassadors)



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