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Technology: Sons Plastico Systems

SDCL will be using its advanced end- to- end design system of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC), a natural fiber polymer composite i.e. a mixture of wood, thermoplastic resins (low and high density polyethylene ie LDPE/HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl Chloride (PVC),  a customized additives and combined with COLD-FORMED STEEL (CFS) building technology to provide affordable and resilient housing as a suitable alternative building solution ( trademarked  " Sons Plastico Systems") for Sub- Saharan Africa.


Collection/ Manufacturing /Construction

Our solution requires the establishment of a recycling plant for the production of WPC and various innovative building materials.

B. Raw Materials and Sourcing.

- Major inputs (Raw Materials)

  i.Plastic Waste- HDPE (2), PVC (3), LDPE (4) and PP (5)

   ii. Saw Dust


 Sources of Supplies

  1. Plastic Waste

·         Plastic Manufacturing Companies

·         Collection Association

·         Assemblies- MMDAS waste streams

·         Freelance Collectors

·         Appointed Agents

·         Households/ Hotel

·         Waste Dumps etc.

2. Saw Dust                  

·         Saw Mills

·         SDCL produced

·         Other wood processing streams



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