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The problems which will be addressed through this project include the following;

- Poverty

- Unemployment (of slums and special children)

- Illiteracy

STEP (Slums' & Special Children Transformation and Empowering Population) is aimed at establishing sustainable and vibrant communities by educating and empowering slums' communities and special children in such a way that they become productive enough to become active and responsible citizens. This will help in creating a sustainable business model which could be spread all over the world.


The basic idea of the project has following steps;


-  Locate and select active members from slums' communities and building their capacity. Special children from different schools/ colleges will also be selected. Capacity building will include imparting handicrafts skills training to the willing members of the said communities. It is pertinent to note that there are many slums, especially female members who already know many skills including stitching, knitting, weaving etc. These females will be selected along with other trainers in order to impart initial level training sessions.


- Hiring these skilled ladies within slums' community and they will provide training to other selected members. All of these trained members of the slums' community and special children will then be certified as trainers and will conduct training sessions in other areas/ regions. 


- An online website will be established where data of all trainers will be available along with their skills and certification. We will sign contracts with different NGOs and other organizations who want trainers for providing these skills. We will provide short courses to different organizations. This will help in poverty alleviation and resolve issue of unemployment.


- By providing handicrafts skills training we will ensure to preserve culture of Pakistan and will help to promote it all over the world.


- The second dimension of this project which makes it more sustainable is that we will sign contracts with different organization i.e. boutiques, malls owners, exporters etc in order to provide them labor (i.e. trained members of the slums community) in order to complete their projects including embroidered cloths, traditional dresses, fancy candles and other hand-made products. Different exhibitions will also be conducted in order to give exposure to them.


- As the main problem of slums' communities and overall that of Pakistan is poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Another problem is that there are not many platforms for special children to utilize themselves in an effective way or to earn for their living. The first two dimensions of this idea will cover the first two problems i.e. Poverty and Unemployment. The third issue i.e. illiteracy will be covered by using profit earned from training sessions/ short courses and through exports in educating children of slums. They will be provided education so that they become active and responsible citizens of the country and be productive enough to help in nation building along with their elders.


- This business is sustainable enough to be spread all over the world in order to resolve the main issues of the society i.e. Poverty, Unemployment and illiteracy and to promote culture of respective area/ region/ country.


- We will be offering hand-made products which will be unique in their own way. As we will be hiring and training slums' and special children of different areas therefore, they will be able to provide their services at comparatively low costs.

- We will be providing online services as well. The client organizations will be able to select and choose trainer (all credentials along with their skills and certification will be available online) for imparting skill based training.

- The profiles of labors (skilled slums and special children) along with their skills and working will be available on online website, so that customers and clients may choose accordingly for their projects.

- Everything will be available to their doorstep on one call/email.



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