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Groundwater is considered as one of the main sources of the fresh water about 2.78 million trillion gallons of groundwater which is  30.1 percent of the world's freshwater, are estimated for the entire planet of Earth.

the importance of the groundwater appears clearly at the desert planting, and in resisting the desertification, So the use of our project depend mainly on the use of the solar energy as a source of energy. Our proposed prototype consists of stirlng engine connected with a solar collector and a pump. First the collector will be used to collect and concentrate the sunlight then these heat will be directed to the Stirling engine. 

From the mechanism of the Stirling engine, it will convert the heat of the sun into mechanical energy afterwards the mechanical energy will transferred to the pump through axial rod to extract the water from underground.

The novelty of the project separated into two parts first in converting the sun power into mechanical power directly instead of converted the sun power to electrical power then to mechanical power finally. In each stage the efficiency of the whole system decrease about 15 percent. So by using our system we will increase the efficiency of the system by more than 15 to 20%.

The other part of the project is the use of Fresnel lenses concentrators instead of mirrors. The dependence on the lenses will increase the efficiency of the project, increase the life time of the whole system.

In the light of increasing the dependence of the renewable energy which is a world trend nowadays, the environmental impacts of the project appear in depending on a clean source of energy instead of fossil fuels which used in the traditional pumps, in addition the project has low carbon footprint and zero emissions

While the economical part in the project, it could be more feasible to be applicable in the rural areas and desert area as a source of fresh and clean water, it will also be a main pillar to be used in agricultural field.

To sum up our project will make a Hugh shift in regards of the planting and provide a renewable and cheap source of fresh and clean water for the human use in the Middle East deserts. 




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