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The SATDAS project aims in creating Sustainable Agriculture and Technology Development system that would be used in Arid and Semi-Arid areas in Sub-Saharan countries in Africa. SATDAS will be characterized by intensive research and development of innovative systems, rooted in the need to overcome local scarcities of water and arable land. The industry’s growth will arise from the close cooperation among researchers, governments, extension agents, farmers and agriculture-related industries, cooperative efforts. These in turn will fostered a market-oriented agribusiness that will exports its agro-technology solutions worldwide. The result will be a modern agricultural methods, systems and products in a country (ies) where more than half the area is desert. The project aims to optimize and use dry areas in production of agricultural products.The main scope of work in SATDAS include:-

1. Research

2. Irrigation

3. Technology

Each scope of work is supported by a major pillar that is education.

SATDAS project has four dimensions:

• Supply: availability of enough food from diverse sources to meet the consumption needs of a healthy and nutritious diets, by either feeding oneself directly from productive land or other natural resources, or well-functioning distribution, processing and market systems(Farmers don’t have to struggle for market as SATDAS finds market farmers produce and sells there produce on behalf of the farmers ).

• Access: all members of society must have economic and physical access to sufficient food for a healthy and nutritious diet, through their incomes or special programs (SATDAS distributes the agricultural produce).

• Utilization: people must be able to absorb the food's nutrients. This involves sufficient intake, diverse diets, good food preparation, intra-household distribution of food, access to clean water and sanitation, and freedom from diseases and toxins that affect food utilization.

• Stability: year round and year-to-year stability of the food supply, as well as access and utilization of safe and nutritious food provides the foundation of food and nutritional security.

SATDAS will develop a global market centre and Research hub to help cub any arising challenges during the the implementation and development of the project



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