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Extreme poverty affects more than 700 million people across the world and is disproportionately concentrated in rural areas, where most people rely on agricultural production for sustenance and incomes. Increasing crop yields can allow rural farmers to lift themselves out of poverty, in turn improving education and positive health outcomes for their families.  Improved yeild can be noticed in three ways:

1. Reducing the wastage or loss from the current yeild, 

2. Increasing the rate of production irrespective of the wastage.

3. Increasing the rate of production and reducing the wastage. 

My solution aims at using number 3 approach by providing durable and cost effective quadcopters which can help spray chemicals (insecticides, pesticides, manures), over large hectares of land which would take days or months to be done manually hereby increasing the yeild and also make use of survey quadcopters which detect which area of the farm is ready for harvest to avoid spoilage or is under attack from animals so as to apply control measures hereby reducing the loss or wastage.



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