TeleRehabilitation for people with disability

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The World Health Organization estimates there are about 17% people worldwide who require rehabilitation systems, prosthetic limbs, braces or other mobility devices, yet less than 20% have them. Also, these people do not have a connection between each other to cooperate and share their experience of living and rehabilitation.   

Motorica focuses on research and development in modern technologies in medicine and robotics. We produce functional prostheses for everyday life and system of rehabilitation for patients with different types of assistive devices. We are making affordable technologies of production, installation, and rehabilitation with new methods and technologies like 3D Printing, AI, VR, IoT. Combination of these technologies will give disabled people all over the world access to advanced rehabilitation methods. 

Our team can integrate telerehabilitation methods with APP for smartphones, APP for VR game and IoT connection of rehabilitation devices into one ecosystem. Machine learning methods help us to give the patient the best and cheap way of rehabilitation and connection to the knowledge of best doctors and professionals all over the world.  

Attilan ecosystem
telerehabilitation system for patients with different types of assistive devices. IoT modules of Motorica can connect any rehabilitation equipment (prostheses, exoskeletons, exercise bikes, etc.) to the cloud platform for remote objective monitoring and digitization of the rehabilitation process.

VR gamification of the rehabilitation process through Virtual Reality. Different plot scenarios, motivational mechanics, tests and games with automatic digitization of the results into a patient's card.

The platform could provide a possibility for disabled people and especially kids at their school years, to be engaged in the digital world and the new technologies, a thing that opens the door in front of them for new opportunities which could be translated in the future into market opportunities.



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